School Board

Our board sets goals and priorities for the school and oversees the school’s operations. They also take care of financials and ensure that all needed resources including facilities, teachers and materials are in place. The board works on building relationships that support and help drive the school’s mission. Engaging families and facilitating community building are key areas of their work.

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President: Tutta Lehto-Collin

Vice President: Emma Lehtosalo

Secretary/communications: Liia Bennett

Principal teacher: Anna Brinck

Treasurer: Jaakko Piipponen

Fundraising/events manager: Riina Martin

Librarian: Liia Bennett


The association is called Seattlen Suomi Koulu Finnish School of Seattle. Its purpose is to provide a motivating Finnish speaking community for children and their parents. The school’s mission is to help children maintain the Finnish language and appreciate Finnish traditions among children of Finnish heritage and those interested in Finland. The parents of children attending the school become members when they pay the tuition in full (i.e., the membership fee). In addition, all active teachers and current board members are considered voting members of the school.

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