Plans for Spring 2021

The Finnish School of Seattle’s remote learning continues on Thursdays and Saturdays until May 15th, when we celebrate the school year and close for the summer.

The theme of the year is children’s literature. This theme will guide us in exploring many different kinds of Finnish literature for children and teens while also taking into account the student’s interests, favorite books and stories!

Let’s all work together to create a fun and enjoyable remote school for all of us! See you online!

For more information, please contact principal teacher Airi Suomalainen,

Our Mission

The Finnish School of Seattle is a caring learning community with high-class programs for Finnish-speaking children and teens as well as their families.

The school’s values and objectives are as follows:

  1. We learn and use the Finnish language in a joyful and loving environment, respect one another and treat everyone with dignity and kindness.
  2. We share and learn about Finnish culture, society and its values in relation to other cultures in a warm, open and welcoming community.


Every year, the Finnish school teachers come up with a theme to base lesson plans on. Throughout the year we explore the chosen theme through stories, songs, games, and art projects.

An essential part of our teaching is learning the Finnish language not only through using the language itself, but also through culture. During the lessons we learn about the Finnish society, culture and its values in an age-appropriate way. We celebrate both Finnish and American holidays throughout the school year.

School Address: 10420 SE 11th st. Bellevue, WA 98004